How To Clean A Flat Top Grill – 9 Easy Methods

How To Clean A Flat Top GrillA flat top grill is a cooking hardware having a slightly bowed-shaped metal surface. The flat top grill is versatile and commercial kitchen equipment. But we can use them not only for commercial but also for home use. However, before starting to use the flat top grill, it is important to learn how to clean a flat top grill as cleaning a grill is a very challenging job.

Why Should You Keep Your Grill And Kitchen Clean?

A kitchen is a place which is mainly used for cooking our food. So we should always keep our kitchen and other cooking accessories clean and not violate the code of health. We should clean them regularly to maintain hygiene so that we can remain healthy. The residue of previous food can spoil the flavor and taste of new food, and also cleaning a stack of junk is more problematic.

When Should You Clean your Grill?

Visible grease is the main sign which means you should clean the grill. Oil is the main ingredient of preparing food on a flat top grill. After cooking each time, this grease shouldn’t be left behind as this residue from old meals may cause off-flavor to whatever we are going to cook. Sometimes, the ingredients may staff to the surface, and then you should clean your grill. Cleaning is important when the food begins to cook unevenly.

Some Easy Ways Of Cleaning A Flat Top Grill

There are myriad ways of cleaning a flat top grill. We have shown some effective ways; following them, you can clean your flat top grill.

1. Dishwashing Liquid And Water Mixture

Using a mixture of liquid dishwasher and water is an easy way to clean the flat top. Strip a generous amount of this mixture on the top of the grill and rinse it with a sponge until all drippings are removed.

2. Vinegar And Water Mixture

In the mixture, the portion of vinegar and water will be half and half. Then switch on the grill and spray the water-vinegar mixture on top of the grill, and then scrape the grease with a grill brush until the cooking debris turns into gunk. Then turn off the switch and wash the gunk.

3. Lemon Juice And Water Mixture

The cleaning process of lemon water is almost the same as the vinegar and water mixture, but the portion of lemon and water in the mixture wouldn’t be the same. Herein, one-third or one-fourth of lemon juice should be mix with the remaining water.

4. Soda Water

Another method of grill cleaning is using soda water. To follow the method, pour a generous measure of soda water onto the grill. Then scrub the grill’s surface with a pumice stone or a griddle brick. After scrubbing enough, drain them and wipe the surface.

5. Hot Oil

Oil can be used as a cleaning element. In this case, turn on the heat and pour a small amount of oil on the flat top grill and scrub it with a pumice stone in circular patterns until the oil mixes with the debris and fats. Then turn off the switch and wait to cool the machine before cleaning the surface with paper towels.

6. Onion

Onion is one of the most common and natural cooking ingredients. We can use an onion to clean our flat top grill. Take half of an onion and scrub the flat surface with it when the surface is still hot. This method is very effective and adds spicy flavor.

7. Coffee

Using coffee is an effective way. Pour the coffee all over the surface and wait 20-30 minutes so that the coffee can soak all the dirt on the surface. Then remove the residue and clean the surface.

8. Beer

This method is almost similar to the coffee method. To do cleaning, pour the beer on the hot surface and scrub it with a wire brush or a grill brush, then drain the liquid and wipe the spillover beer with paper towels.

9. Steam

Turn on the heat of the grill and wait till it reaches the highest temperature. Run water on its surface and scrub the surface with a grill brush and drain the residue. Repeat the method again and again until the grill’s surface become totally clean.

Some Important Tips

Clean Every Element

After cleaning the surface, look carefully lest the left behind residue may spoil your new item, and over time this residue may pile up there and cause more difficulty in cleaning. This may increase the risk of using the grill.

Carefully Choose Method

We should select the method of cleaning very carefully. If we are cleaning a chrome top grill, we should be gentler lest the polish may ruin. We shouldn’t use abrasive or harsh brush to scrub the surface. We can use warm water and paper towels to remove all debris. But when cleaning a stainless steel top grill, we can use all the above methods to clean the surface. But remember not to touch the surface with bare hands.

If we can take good care of our grills, they may last longer and keep the perfect taste of our food.

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