Pit Boss Austin XL Reviews – Why You Should Buy One?

Pit Boss Austin XL ReviewsPit Boss have a good reputation for selling quality pellet grills. This company is providing value for money. The Austin XL is one of the most popular in the criteria of choices. Providing you a 1,000 square inches for smoking and flame grill. The Pit Boss Austin XL is a perfect set to get wood smoked perfection effortlessly. Most amazingly, this product is coming with a surprisingly reasonable price. Therefore, you may wonder if Pit Boss is any good appliance to buy. So, in today’s Pit Boss Austin XL reviews, we have put all together here for you. Let’s have a great look deep into this matter!

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  • Cooking surface is 1000 square inch accommodates lots of food.
  • Porcelain-enamelled grills distribute the heat properly.
  • Flame broiler will allow direct flame grilling.
  • Temperature ranges from 150- 500° F to allow great cooking.
  • The thermometer on the top allows the temperature control.
  • Hopper can easily accommodate up to 31 lbs wood.

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Specifications Of Pit Boss Austin XL:

Characteristics Description
Dimensions 62.4 x 25.79 x 28.23 inches
Weight 181 lbs
Cooking area 1000 square inches
Temperature range 150-500°F
Manufacturer Walmart
Colour Bronze
Warranty 1-year warranty
Price Check Latest Price

Pit Boss Austin XL Reviews: Features In Details

Pit Boss Austin XL

Ease Of Use

This pellet smoker grill is easy to use. As this appliance is coming with a digitally functional LED control system. This panel controls the entire setup. It is completely user-friendly.

Besides, this can reduce the risk of accidental burns. Therefore, these advantages make it easy for anybody to control the appliance. The LED control system allows to adjust the grilling temperatures. You can simply increase the temperatures in a flash. In where you don’t have to worry about the food burning.Or no reason for drying out on the panel. For maintaining the internal temperature, the

the unit always helps the smoker. It will enable you in tuning the grilling techniques. Moreover, the unit will add pellets for reaching the required temperature. Apart from this, a digital display is situated on the panel. It shows the previous set temperature.

Performance And Power

With using this pit boss austin xl grill, you can save on energy by reducing cooking time. This grilling unit can be charged totally with the natural hardwood pellets. Because it runs on a fan enabled convection cooking. This can efficiently generate the entire temperature. Moreover, it will grill all the food while placing it on the cooker. The unit is providing about 20,700 BTUs.For this matter, it is enough for cooking around 50- 52 burgers at a time. As you get the larger cooking surface area. Such a massive range is considered best for any standard grill. Therefore, performance and power is impressive enough to buy the appliance. Having outlined that, we can tell you to safely put the money on the Austin XL. As it is a great power monster in terms of performance.

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Enormous Cooking Surface

As a grill lover, you will always want to buy appliances with an enormous cooking area. Indeed, the cooking surface is an important feature to consider before buying any grill. The overall cooking area determines the keeping capacity of food. So, this grill provides about 1000 square inches of cooking area. Additionally, the Austin XL facilities with a two-tiered porcelain-enamelled cooking grid. Therefore, this will allow you in slowing roast type items. For example, preparing turkeys or chuck roasts need a longer time for cooking properly. Such a container capacity will allow the unit in managing about 31 Ibs of wood pellets. Additionally, this will save area by not keeping pellet bags near the setup. In this way, you will never run out of fuel like pellets while cooking.

Provides Great Versatility

Apart from all the features outlined for this grill, versatility is one of the best things. Undeniably, Pit Boss scores high on the point. And, our outlined Austin XL is not exceptional to that norm. When it comes about versatility, this unit will provide the advantage of eight functions in one setup. Apart from grilling, you can also bake, smoke and roast your food. However, the best benefit is ensuring the proper temperature controls. Besides, a nice flame broiler is another essential feature that comes with it. This allows cooking using any grilling methods. The flame broiler is ensuring nice sear to the food. Even, you can move the plate over for opening the flame section. All of these characteristics will give you a huge advantage in the grilling field. Most importantly, it will provide high skill with cooking.

The Best Construction

In this point of Pit Boss Austin XL grill reviews, you should know that pellet grill is built with premium-grade copper and steel. It provides a  traditional black design. You can notice the brownish colour on the hood, chimney and lid. It is a high rise temperature copper finish. Pellet smoker grill is becoming resistant to corrosion, dust and discolouration because of it. The grids and shelves are built with high-quality stainless steel. The cooking surface is made of good ceramic coating. It will ensure corrosion and proper heat distribution. Nevertheless, with all of these features, the weight of the unit is about 179 lbs. Moreover, it is equipped with 4 caster wheels on the legs. Amazingly, it will let you move the appliance around without worrying!

[dpress_single_pro pro_image=”536″ pro_title=”Pit Boss Austin XL” pro_ratings=”4.5/5″ pro_url=”https://amzn.to/2Wd1RFq” /]

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Grilling options are both direct and indirect.
  • Large storage space with hooks for tools.
  • It provides a larger cooking surface area.
  • Two meat probes and wood pellet window.
  • 8-in-1 functional cooking with optimum flame.

” cons_text=”

  • This grill is quite heavy.

” /]


How many burgers can the unit cook at a time?

Answer: The amount of burgers you can cook is depending on the cooking surface. The Pit Boss Austin XL gives you a 1000 square inches cooking area. At a time, you can easily cook up to 50-52 burgers.

Can beginners use this grill easily?

Answer: The Austin XL provides a LED panel for controlling the temperature.

As a beginner, you can easily adjust the cooking temperatures with a touch of the button. This feature is making it simple to use the grilling system.

What’s the best temperature for cooking on this grill?

Answer: There is no perfect or set temperature for cooking on this grill. So, the ideal or right temperature mainly depends on the food you are making while adjusting different grilling techniques.

What can I do with this grill?

Answer: Apart from only grilling, you can also bake, smoke and roast your food using this grill. The flame broiler allows you in using both indirect and direct methods of cooking.

[dpress_single_pro pro_image=”536″ pro_title=”Pit Boss Austin XL” pro_ratings=”4.5/5″ pro_url=”https://amzn.to/2Wd1RFq” /]

Conclusion Remarks

So, this is all about Pit Boss Austin XL reviews. Indeed, the Pit Boss Pellet Grill Austin XL is bound to steal your heart. Because it provides some additional features. Some brands may charge you for these extra facilities. Whereas, you will get a great outdoor cooker all in one with a reasonable price. The LED display will make life easier. The last thing to remember, this machine is very easy to use with a large capacity. Without any hesitation, let’s buy this one. Happy grilling!

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