Best Grills For Apartment Balcony 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Grill For Apartment BalconyApartments have limited space. If you live in an apartment, you probably don’t have much of an area for grilling. But your lack of space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy BBQ. As long as you have a balcony, you can still grill your favorite dishes and enjoy BBQ in your apartment.

With the best grill for apartment balcony, grilling will be easy and convenient even in a limited space. Keep reading to find the best BBQ grill for apartment balcony. We have also provided a buying guide that will help choose the best one for your needs.

Our Favourite Choice Grill For Apartment Balcony

Best Grill For Apartment Balcony Buying Guide: (Consider Before Choose)

To choose the best grill for apartment balcony, there are many things to consider. This buying guide will help you understand what you should look for to find the ideal one for your apartment balcony setup.

What Fuel Should You Choose?

Gas (Propane)

Propane is the easier fuel to work with. Propane tanks can be found easily but they are designed for single use. There are also larger ones, but they take larger space and can be refilled. Gas grill often comes with an easy ignition feature that requires no fuss and less maintenance. Grilling is also fast on this type of grill. However, you can not judge how much fuel you have left with a propane tank, which could leave you with a grill without fire.


Charcoal grill on the other hand requires more work. You need to put more work to get even and consistent heat from charcoal. On top of that, this kind of grill doesn’t offer auto-ignition as you need to set up the stack of charcoal to start the fire and get the heat. You can also create cooler and hotter spots with a charcoal grill. In addition, there is a notable flavor benefit to cooking with charcoal that is worthy of your consideration.

In the end, it all depends on your preference on which type of grill you would like to use. For better understanding, let’s break out the key features of each type of grill.

Key Gas Grill Features

BTU or British Thermal Units

When it comes to gas or propane grills, the cooking power is referred to by BTU. More BTU means more heat. More BTU will help you cook your food quickly.

Heating Elements

The heating elements refer to the elements that channel the heat from fire to the food. The heating elements provide the heat to cook food. There are a few things to consider here. For example, you may want to look at how many heating elements your desired grill has.

The shape is also something that you should consider. While some heating elements are single straight lines, others are U-shaped.

Key Charcoal Grill Features


With propane grills, it only takes a turn of a knob to change the heat. However, things are not that easy with a charcoal grill. You have to create the fire yourself with charcoal as fuel. And to create fire, oxygen is one of the most essential fuels. Instead of turning a knob, you regulate the heat in a charcoal grill by controlling the airflow. Most grills allow you to do this with dampers.


Propane grills don’t require you to directly interact with the burner. However, with a charcoal grill, you need to intimately work with the heating source to make fire. In a charcoal grill, this section is called the firebox. You need easy accessibility to the firebox. Plus, with a charcoal grill, you get ash in the firebox. So, having the ability to quickly and easily clean out your grill will be convenient for you and will also extend the longevity of the grill.


For a charcoal grill, the lid is also essential. Removing the lid can take away some of your heat. Mostly, the lid stays close on a charcoal grill to help manage the temperature. So, this feature is also important.

Body and Grate Material

When you are making an investment in a grill, durability is something very important to consider. So, you need to check the material of your prospective grill.

Another important material that you need to consider is the grate material. Different grate material offers different heat retention. Most of the grill in this list comes with porcelain-enameled cast iron. This material retains heat very well, which gives you the chance to get a good sear on your food.

Porcelain enamel is also essential as it is non-stick and quite easy to clean. You can also find stainless steel grates on charcoal grill as well.

Cooking Area

Essentially, the cooking area refers to the amount of grate space where the grill gets direct heat. This area is generally mentioned in square inches. You will be able to cook more food if you choose a grill with more cooking space.


The price of grills can vary greatly. You can get a grill for your apartment balcony for less than $100 and you can also spend three times more to get one. More money tends to get you more features.

Top 5 Best Grill For Apartment Balcony In 2022

1. Best Overall: Weber 741001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

[dpressall_product product_image=”767″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • Easy To Clean
  • Precision Heat Control
  • Durable Cooking Grate
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions
  • Superior Heat Retention

” /]

Weber always offers excellent grills and this charcoal grill from them is no exception. This weber 741001 grill with a rounded top can give you the feeling of backyard cookout. This one is going to bring back the memories of the old days.

If you are looking for something that can fit in your balcony and also make enough food for your friends and family, then this one should be in your consideration. It can accommodate up to 13 burgers, which means it has plenty of cooking space to offer and all of these in a compact encasement.

Heat is retained perfectly with the porcelain-enameled lid. The grates are easy to clean and emptying the ashes is very easy as well, which means maintaining the grill doesn’t take much effort. This classic grill weighs just over 33 pounds, so you wouldn’t want to move it very often.

But still, moving it won’t be so hard with its durable wheels. The wheels will allow you to move it around in the balcony, but loading it into the car won’t be so easy. The handle that shields your hands from the heat as well as the durable plates are excellent additions to the grill. All of these comes at a great price as well.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Uses charcoal
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Portable
  • Low maintenance

” cons_text=”

  • Need assembly
  • Not easy to load into a car

” /]

2. Runner Up: Cuisinart CGG-180TS Portable Tabletop Grill

[dpressall_product product_image=”765″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • 145 Square Inches Cooking Area
  • 5500 BTU Burner
  • Durable Folding Legs
  • Fast And Easy To Setup
  • Take It Anywhere

” /]

We have another choice from Cuisinart for the best grill for apartment balcony. It is a quite portable grill but not quite the full-grill experience. It weighs only 17 pounds and comes with an easy carrying handle, so it is very easy to carry around. It also has quick folding legs and can fit even in the smallest apartments. This grill is an excellent choice for tailgating, camping, or any other grilling on the go.

However, its portability comes with a price; you do lose a bit in the cooking power and space. That is why it is not at the top of our list. This grill offers 145 square inches of cooking space that is on high-quality porcelain-enameled grates. However, the burner can provide only 5,500 BTUs in this small cooking space. Starting the grill is easy with the twist start ignition, plus, there is a built-in temperature gauge for better heat monitoring.

This grill is excellently compact and effective and its portability is where it truly shines. Storing it is also easy as you can fold down the legs in seconds and clear your balcony in minutes. The folding legs also provide a secure and stable base, which is very important for grilling. You can take this briefcase-like grill anywhere with its easy carrying handle. It is an excellent choice for confined spaces.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Weighs only 17 pounds
  • Exceptionally portable
  • High-quality porcelain-enameled grate
  • Quick start ignition
  • Build-in heat monitor

” cons_text=”

  • Small cooking space
  • Low heating power

” /]

3. Premium Pick: Char-Griller E06614 Charcoal Grill

[dpressall_product product_image=”764″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • 153 Square Inches Cooking Area
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Easy Heat Control
  • Adjustable Top Damper
  • Portable for Grilling on the Go

” /]

Kamado style also known as the big egg is one of the hottest trends in grilling. However, they are also known for their big size, which takes up a lot of space and isn’t quite suitable for the average apartment setup. Nevertheless, this grill from Char-Griller has fixed all that, creating a portable and small version of the classic Kamado style grills.

This grill offers all the benefits of the Kamado style, including quickly heating up to temperature and maintaining temperature excellently without requiring a lot of fuss. This grill also takes up less space compared to the traditional grills. However, this also makes the cooking space small; only 153 square inches. It is porcelain coated on the inside and it is built with solid 22-gauge steel. With a triple-thick wall, the heat control is good and also enables heat up to 700 degrees. For a smaller package, it offers some high-quality features.

This grill uses charcoal as fuel. It also offers both a bottom and top hamper, allowing the griller to get the exact hot zones in the grill. There is a built-in thermometer on the top damper to help you monitor grill temperature. There is an ash pan integrated with the bottom damper, allowing for easy and quick clean-up. Cleaning is one of the difficult parts of a charcoal grill and this grill makes it easy.

This grill can also smoke your food low and slow and give you a great sear on your favorite steak.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Small version of classic Kamado style
  • Quick heating
  • Maintaining the temperature is easy

” cons_text=”

  • 40 pounds of weight makes it difficult to move

” /]

4. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Grill

[dpressall_product product_image=”763″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • 200 Square Inches Cooking Area
  • No flare-up TRU-Infrared cooking system
  • Road worthy and built to travel easy
  • Temperature Gauge & Lights with Ease
  • Powered by Propane

” /]

While the features of this grill make it a great choice to take it anywhere, its excellent features make it one of the best grill for apartment balcony setups. It is made out of cast aluminum and has stainless steel latches, which makes it look like a toolbox.

More importantly, the design of the frame allows it to take high impact and its stable legs help you secure it and grill on it. And for portability, it comes with carrying handles as well. Its design also allows you to carry it on the back of a truck and you can also take it to camping or tailgate. Nonetheless, you can use it just efficiently in a more permanent setup as well.

The TRU-Infrared cooking system of this grill also adds to make it an ideal choice for small spaces. The Infrared system distributes the heat evenly throughout the entire grill, which provides even and consistent cooking. This system also helps to reduce flare-ups, which is a common uneasiness when grilling. usually, an apartment balcony has a small space and you are going to work there. Considering this, reduced flare-ups can be essential.

The cooking space it offers is 200 square inches, which is not bad at all compared to some previous ones on the list. It is not the biggest, but it is not the smallest either. The burner can generate a decent 9,500 BTUs and this heat gets even more effective with infrared technology.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Durable construction
  • Good for portable and permanent setups
  • Even heat with Infrared technology
  • Prevents flare-ups
  • Weighs only 20 pounds.

” cons_text=”

  • Works with propane canisters by default

” /]

5. Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods

[dpressall_product product_image=”766″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • 240 Square Inches Cooking Area
  • Ideal Portable Gas Grill
  • 15000 BTU Stainless Steel Loop Burner
  • Folding Stainless Steel Side Shelves
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty

” /]

The Cuisinart CGG-240 is a good choice for a reason. While its dimension is 41 x 23 x 36 inches fully open, it measures 44 x 23 x 21 inches when folded. The two stainless steel shelves can be folded when the grill is cool, which makes it easy to store and transport. Along with this portability, you get ample space for plates, utensils, seasoning, and more when you fold out the shelves.

When unfolded, the grill provides a massive 240 square inches of cooking space that contains porcelain enameled cast iron grates. For a grill that has wheels and can be easily moved to your apartment balcony, it offers an incredibly solid amount of cooking area. The grill can deliver a decent 15,000 BTUs of heat, and it gets the fuel from a propane tank. There is a panel that distributes the heat evenly.

This grill also has various features to offer that will enhance the ease of use. It has a twist start electric ignition, which makes it easy to start the fire. The grill also comes with a drip tray to collect grease and drippings and makes cleaning it easy. There is also a built-in thermometer on the hood that gives you precise readings and allows you to control the heat more easily. This grill does an excellent job in imitating the full-sized grilling experience in a small package, which makes it one of the best gas grill for apartment balcony.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • 240 square inches of solid cooking space
  • Quick-start ignition
  • Folding shelves
  • Wheels for easy portability

” cons_text=”

  • This grill is on the heavy side

” /]

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is grilling on a balcony safe?

Answer: While it is safe to grill on a balcony, it’s not always legal. And the safety depends on the type of grill you are using on your balcony.

Question: Which is the safest fuel I can use?

Answer: For safety concerns, an electric grill would be a great choice. However, if you want a grill for the balcony, then a much better option would be the propane-based grills. Charcoal is one of the riskiest grills, and it’s better to avoid it if you can.

Question: What type of fuel is the most economical?

Answer: If you want something economical, then you can get propane grills as gas is one of the cheapest fuels. Compare to charcoal, these fuels last for a longer time. 

Final Words

If you believe that only people who live in semi-urban locations can enjoy a home grill-cooked meal, then you are wrong. From our list, you can get the best grill for apartment balcony and enjoy delicious food and share some beautiful memories with your family and friends.

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