How To Use A Smoker Grill: Best Instruction in 2023

How To Use A Smoker GrillA smoker grill can cook your meat using minimum heat. It utilizes smoke and plant fuel like wood chips or charcoal. You can enjoy crazy tender and rich flavoured meat within 4-12 hours. Backyard barbecuing is perfect for any season. We love to spend quality time with family and friends. Your smoker grill uses the heat between 180°F – 220°F. Whereas, a typical grill requires around 400°F -550°F for cooking. In today’s post, we will discuss how to use a smoker grill. Let’s have a delightful reading deep into this.

Step By Step Instructions Of Using A Smoker Grill:

Let’s learn about how to use a smoker grill, stage by stage:

1. Place Dual Temperature Probes

For keeping the appliance stable at the temperature of 225°F, you have to monitor the heat. Mostly, smoker grill heaters are not providing accuracy. Because they are poorly made. Instead of measuring the food temperature, they estimate the top temperature of the grill.

Grilling enthusiasts always recommend buying two digitally built air probes. And, the inside temperature varies invariably from one side to the other. Experts recommend drilling a tiny hole in the terminal portion of the cooking chamber’s door. They will provide a proper indication of heat. Although, a digital thermometer gives an accurate result only.

2. Lighting Charcoal In the Chimney Starter

When the meat is available ready for cooking, you can fire up the smoker grill. Any kind of cold meat has a better smoke absorption rather than normal meat. Initiates by lighting a maximum load of charcoal in the chimney starter up to the time of initiating over to the ash. It may require around 15 minutes.

Our preference, instead of coals, you can use the wood supplementarily. Along with fueling, wood will add flavour to the cooking. Although, it is difficult to manage wood fires. Yet, sometimes it can spoil your meat with smoke or ash.

3. Opening The Chimney Baffles And Adding Lit Coals

For creating the heat, oxygen is used as fuels. Controlling the oxygen intake through the vents of the grill is an easy way to manipulate the heat. Most of the smoker grills contain both the intake baffle as well as a chimney baffle.

Firstly, set both of them. You only need to regulate this intake baffle. While dumping the coals in the firebox, you have to wait for the temperature to reach the proper temperature. The heat probe signals the appliance has reached the desired temperature. Then, you need to add meat to the grill. Again tight the door.

4. Maintain The Temperature

At this stage, you want to regulate the intake baffle. It will initiate to control the heat. Because the baffle is controlling the oxygen flow to the coals.Whereas, the chimney baffle is controlling the temperature and smoke. It regulates in this cooking chamber too. Retain the baffle of the chimney open widely for now.

Then, the intake baffle can be closed halfway. Gradually, balancing it up to the time of the heat stabilizes around 225 to 250°F. This occurs at the hot portion of your smoker. The cooking will continue and the heat can be dropped. So, replenish with lit coals.

5. For Flavor, Put Wood Chunks

The expert’s recommendation is to use the big wood chunks, instead of putting chips. Because they smoulder slowly and more consistently. You require to put the chunks of wood-burning and smouldering to the fire. It should not be closed to the warmest part.

Usually, you need one or two chunks on each cooking cycle for infusing wood smoke through the meat. Hardwoods, nut woods and fruitwoods specially intended for burn best, smoking and deliver the unique flavour. You do not require to soak the chunks of wood before adding them with the coals.

6. Adding Moisture With The Smoke

You have to add moisture with the smoke and the meat. It will help the barbecue to absorb the smoky flavour properly. Ultimately, this gives you a delicious taste. You can perform it in two ways. Firstly, place any metal rack on the top of the coals of the firebox. Then, add one water pan over the grate.

This helps in humidifying the smoke which is entering your grilling chamber. Secondly, the meat appears dry in the advanced cooking stage. Additionally, you can easily spritz this with some apple juice or water. It will help absorb more smoke.

7. Give Proper Time

Remember, real barbecue requires proper time. Theoretically, chicken can be done at 165°F. You may like the legs getting more tender. About 180°F is the right heat for the meat. It will provide a soft texture. For any brisket, you can go ahead of 195°F to 200°F.

Whereas, you have to carve out many hours for the pigs. This is also applicable for any large pieces of meat. The smoke will make the meat tender, slowly. When we are concerned about the barbecue, we want the crazy tenderness with a moist texture. Therefore, you have to wait patiently for the first smooth bite.


So, this is all about how to use a smoker grill. We hope this post will help you to get a clear idea of the matter. Grilling is an amazing way of cooking. This process will enable us to take the best delicious tasty food ever. You can simply upgrade the lifestyle of a foodie by following these ways properly.

Happy Grilling!

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