How To Grill Without A Grill

How To Grill Without A GrillGrilling is the best way of cooking which provides us with the taste of cherished smoky flavor. We like the smell of fired-up food. But as city dwellers, it is not always possible to get any space for grilling. But the good news is, it may be possible to mimic the flavors and textures of the grill without using the real grill. Therefore, we are here to discuss how to grill without a grill. Today in this post, we will pinpoint some ways to mimic the taste of the real grill. Let’s have a glance at these ways!

There is no comparison of the taste of the grill. But in urban life, you may not have any potential spaces for keeping the grill machine. But you should not deprive the flavor of the grill even if you do not have the real grill. If you want to know more about how to grill without a grill, here are some alternative ways to follow:

How To Grill Without A Grill:

Grill Without A Grill

Use The Broiler

The function of the broiler on your oven is similar to the grill. Grills and broilers both are using high temperatures and direct heat to cook the food. Some ovens even have the detached broiler drawer. But many feature the broiler in the oven cavity. If the broiler is included at the main oven, then set the oven rack anywhere from 4-6 inches above the heat. Remember, if you want to cook the food quickly, then set the rack closely. Although, there is a downside to this method, not getting any grill marks. Hence, this can be used for making grills when you have no grill.

Cast Iron Skillet

Even though a cast-iron skillet used on the stovetop won’t give you the full smokiness of grilling, it can cook foods that are full of flavor. Consider the flat cast iron pan which is ideal for cooking sausages or steak. Well, seasoned cast iron pan is the perfect way to make a grill without having any grill. It will give the foods a taste that can mimic the outdoor charcoal grill. A few hours before you begin to cook, prepare the meats and chicken by seasoning or marinating. This will allow the flavors to infuse. When preparing to cook, you should add a small amount of oil to the pan. Then heating over this into medium to high heat. And wait until the pan is hot before adding any food. Cast iron can distribute heat entirely across the pan. Therefore, foods are cooked properly. Flip once halfway while cooking for getting a perfect taste on both sides. Keep on the mind to use a little amount of oil which will give the meat a better sear.

Using The Liquid Smoke

Another perfect way to get a smoky flavor of the grill without using the real grill is with the liquid smoke. You can purchase the liquid smoke both at any culinary store and online. This liquid is made from condensed smoke. It is concentrated and filtered to raise the smoky flavor. Available in many different flavors like mesquite and hickory. So, you will be able to use varieties of liquid smoke. Before use, brush a small amount of liquid smoke into foods and sausages. You should also use it during cooking. For getting the more grilled flavor, you should mix it with a small amount of balsamic vinegar before brushing into the food.

Indoor Smoker

If you’re searching for a unique technique to grill without a grill, evaluate the indoor smoker. It can be used to mimic the grill in your kitchen. Before smoking, you have to open up the windows and turn the fan on. You have to use a big aluminum pan that contains high sides lining the inside with aluminum foil. Place inside a layer of hardwood chips. Applewood chips are a perfect choice for the smoky BBQ flavor. Place the other layer of foil above the wood chips. Then poke smaller holes into the foil so that the smoke can escape easily. Place the wire rack above the foil. Then place the whole pan on the stove while heating over at the moderate-high heat. When the pans heat up, the smoke will begin to rise up and start to go out of the holes. Place foods like fish, marinated meats, seasoned vegetables, or poultry into the rack. Cover up the pan with the lid. Or you can make the cover with an aluminum foil. Smoke the food for around 3 to 4 minutes. Then remove it from the smoker and grill it in a pan. The smoke begins to infuse into the food, providing it a grill like a flavor. And you may experiment with various types of wood chips for getting different flavors. Good choices of options for getting a nice smoky grilled flavor are walnut, cherry, mesquite, hickory, and mesquite.

Use Smokey Ingredients

If you want to get the smoky flavors, use smoked spices. So, for mimicking the taste of grill, some ingredients like smoked salt, smoked paprika and even smoked olive oil can be used to make a grill without a grill. By using these ingredients, you can easily fake the flavor of the grill.

Use A Culinary Torch

Most of us use a kitchen torch for making melt cheese, brown meringues, and toast bread toppings. You can use the same torch to make a grill. After cooking the food, apply the torch into the food. And make a grill!

Making Grill Marks Without a Grill

Once you cook the food and get a nice smell and flavor without using a grill, you might want to add grill marks. So, for you here are two ways to get the grill mark:

Ridged Pan Method

First of all, heat up the cast iron pan without adding the oil. Whenever heating is done, keep the food back to the pan. Then wait for a while before cautiously rotating the food. Then flip over the food and again repeat the process. The high heat of the angles should sear grill like marks at the food. This will make it look like the food was cooking over the grill.

Hot Skewer Method

You require a culinary torch or gas stove and a metal skewer. Heat a metal skewer over the hot gas flame and make it red hot. You may use a culinary torch if you don’t have a gas stove. Whenever it becomes hot, press into the food and make some nice grill marks.


So, this is all about how to grill without a grill. By using the tips above, you can make a grill without a grill. This will allow you to get a great meal always. Therefore, you should try these methods to get a grilled flavor. Let’s enjoy exploring the taste!

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