Pit Boss Pellet Grill Problems

Pit Boss Pellet Grill ProblemsNo other pellet grill will provide as much value as the Pit Boss can. You will get quality, flavor, and versatility in all at one grill. But along with the advantages, it will come with some problems. It is more expensive than the other pellet grills. And you may find it too noisy. Sometimes, this grill can clog the system. In today’s post, we will discuss with you about the pit boss pellet grill problems. Before ending this post, we will pinpoint the tips for avoiding these problems. So that you may be able to get a nice idea about it. Let’s have a great look into the matter!

Pit boss pellet grills have some problems to deal with. So, in today’s post, we will provide you a general overview of the pit boss pellet grill problems. Some of these problems may never happen to you. But we will discuss the overall issues. If you don’t maintain the structure of this grill properly, you may face a lot of problems frequently. Hopefully, you will find the answer to every problem with the pellet grill. To make this post easier, we have broken it down into performance problems first and then technical problems. Before heading towards the main issue, take a look at the main electrical parts of the pellet grill.

Main Electrical Parts Of The Pellet Grill

  • Fan or Fans.
  • RTD or Temperature Sensor.
  • Auger & Motor. This will feed it with the screw mechanism.
  • Computer or Thermostat Control.
  • Igniter or Hot Rod

Performance Problems With Pellet Grill

Pellet Grill Does Not Get Hot

As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t change the pellets regularly or leave the pellets in the hopper for a long time, this will create some problems. It will deteriorate the grill because of getting moist that doesn’t burn properly. Another reason for not getting the right temp is when the fans get blocked. Because there isn’t enough airflow running to the pellet grill. The temperature sensor will be a reason behind it.

Not Getting  An Accurate Temperature Reading

You may find this problem with your pit boss pellet grill. There are lots of reasons for this. If you don’t maintain the grill properly, then you may not always get the accurate temperature. Therefore, you should always clean the grill to get an accurate temperature.

Not Getting The Enough Smoke

Your pit boss pellet grill may not produce enough smoke. With it, your food won’t be smoky enough. So, if you like the smoky flavor, your grill can disappoint you. This can happen because of improper maintenance of the grill.

Technical Problems Of The Pellet Grill

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

Display Doesn’t Turn On

One of the most common technical problems with the pit boss pellet grill is that the display doesn’t turn on always. You have to check whether the fuse is gone or even plugging is correct or not. Sometimes the electrical juice flows towards the pellet grill for beginners. If the fuse is damaged, the hot rod can also be damaged in the same way. This requires replacement.

Auger Jams

Often, it happens because we leave it in the hopper for a long time. If the pellets contact with the moisture while sitting above the hopper, this will cause a problem. Whenever they are fed by the screw auger, they begin to get crunched. And this will lead to the jamming of the auger. If the moisture of the pellets is not responsible behind this, then some part is faulty or broken. You have to find out the reason.

Fan Not Working

This is a common problem that occurs after you use this pellet grill over a few years. It will occur because of skipping some maintenance. Whenever grease begins to build upon the fan, it starts restricting the movement. So a simple clean is important. You should always do a proper clean after every cook. By cleaning regularly, you can avoid this problem.

Pellet Grill Not Igniting

  • Ash Build Up: Although a pellet grill doesn’t produce much ash, you have to clean it regularly after every cook. If you don’t, then you will choke the fire. And the pellet grill won’t start.
  • Moisture in Pellets: Whenever you get a firepot that is full of black charred pellets, that means your grills aren’t perfect anymore. They begin to struggle with combusting properly. So, you shouldn’t leave the pellet hanging around in the hopper for a long time.
  • Replacement Of The Hot Rod Igniter: No ignition will happen if the igniter or hot rod has ruined or worn out. If you have to bring out the grill for seeing the firepot. By visual observation, you can easily understand about the igniters which may need the replacement.

Fire Flames Out During Cook

This can happen if you don’t maintain the cleaning of the temperature sensor. Inside the cooking area, the temperature sensor gets covered up by the greasy juicy stuff and smoke vapor. While this occurs temperature readings would be off, which possibly indicates not sufficient pellets are being fed. And this will continue to keep things running. Therefore, the fire will go out.

Poor quality pellets can easily put the fire going out. Some people may think the wood pellet brand is responsible. But more than the brand, but maintenance is important. If moisture will get into the pellets, then it can put the fire going out.

However, some latest technology-enriched pit boss pellet grill allows you to be notified via smartphone. You will be notified whenever things aren’t running well.

Tips For Avoiding Problems With A Pellet Grill

  • Replace the wood pellets on a regular basis.
  • Never leave wood pellets into the grill.
  • After each cook, clean up the Temperature Probe.
  • Keep emptying the ash on a regular basis.
  • Should clean the burn pot always.


So, this is all about the pit boss pellet grill problems. We hope you may find out the problems and tips for avoiding these. Any grill will offer you to enjoy exploring the taste of the smoky flavor of food. But you should clean it regularly. If any technical problems occur, you should contact the service provider. With proper maintenance and care, you will be able to get more delicious food!

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