Camp Chef Vs Pit Boss: Which Pellet Grill Is Preferable?

Camp Chef Vs Pit BossYou may confuse choosing a Camp Chef or Pit Boss grill. For precision cooking, these two are the perfect option for any individual. One performs neck and neck with the other. You may want to know more about these two grills. We will help you to sort the dilemma out by telling more about the camp chef vs pit boss, in this article. If you want to reach out to the final solution, be with us!

Camp Chef and Pit Boss are the most popular pellet grill brands after ‘Traeger’. Camp Chef is a little bit expensive in comparison with the Pit Boss pellet grills of a similar size. Pit Boss is a very budget-friendly grill. They focus on affordability and offer the biggest grills they can provide within a limited amount of money. However, you should not judge a pellet grill based on the cooking area. Obviously, you should be aware of the capacity. But it should never be the first priority. It is important how well they can cook.

Camp Chef Vs Pit Boss:

Budget-Friendly Pellet Grills

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

Firstly, we will figure out the starting level pellet grills for Camp Chef and Pit Boss. There are various models available for the Pit Boss budget-friendly pellet grill. Tailgater 340 and 700  model series are the most inexpensive grills.

Generally, the price is on the basis of per square inch of the cooking area. You will find it with pit Boss compared to Camp Chef. On almost all budget-friendly Pit Boss grills, you can get the option of straight flame broiling. If you want to buy under 500-1000 dollars, you can get cast-iron grates together with the direct-flame access. This will facilitate above-average grilling performance for the budget-friendly pellet grills. On the other side, Camp Chef named SmokePro will allow with no direct-flame access. This is budget-friendly too. Furthermore, unlike most of the Pit Boss models, the Camp Chef pellet grills have facilitated with the steel wire cooking racks only.

Therefore, a Pit Boss pellet grill can provide much higher temperature searing or grilling performance. Additionally, you can buy cast-iron grates for Camp Chef separately.

So with the budget-friendly pellet grill criteria, the Pit Boss pellet grill provides a bigger cooking area with improved searing or grilling performance. But the Camp Chef SmokePro range is excelling in the temperature accuracy. Besides, some models feature the Gen 2 PID temperature controller. And some models have WiFi too. Budget-friendly Camp Chef pellet grills will maintain the accuracy of the temperature within 5 degrees because of the temperature controller. Whereas budget-friendly Pit Boss pellet grills will use the time-based controllers which will be capable of holding the accuracy of the temperature within 25 degrees of your set temperature.

Premium Version Pellet Grills

Camp Chef PPG20 Pursuit Portable Pellet Grill

  • Now we’ll figure out and compare the higher-priced Camp Chef vs Pit Boss pellet grills cost closely to 1000 dollars. This category is called the Platinum Series in the case of the Pit Boss. And the Camp Chef is named as Woodwind range. In the Pit Boss Platinum series, there are two models such as the KC Combo and the Lockhart. In this post, we will discuss Lockhart.
  •  Lockhart is a massive pellet grill that you will not find anything like this on the market. So, it is one of the most perfect pellet grill brands available which is suitable for cooking on a regular basis to serve a large group of people. Although, it may not be an easy pellet grill to move around because of the weight and size. Therefore, while keeping it on the outside, you have to cover it. Because you will not get any Pit Boss Warranty due to corrosion or rust. However, if you live in a dry humidity climate, this may not be a problem for you. You can leave the pellet in the hopper.
  • The Woodwind range of the camp chef has the feature of the PID or WiFi control panel which facilitates a full-color screen. You can easily adjust the smoke settings and temperature. You can easily connect these features of Camp Chef with your smartphone. This will allow you to monitor and control the grill from distances.WiFi 36 model is the largest woodwind with a huge cooking space. Although the Pit Boss Lockhart is larger than it.
  • Both the Camp Chef Woodwind and Pit Boss Lockhart are very similar in terms of providing direct-flame broiling. ‘Slide ‘n Grill’ feature is fitted with every Camp Chef woodwind model. A lever is situated on the outside portion of the grills. You can pull and push the lever to open or up the gaps into the grease tray for letting all the flames from this pellet fire through. Besides, both the Camp Chef Woodwind and the Pit Boss Lockhart pellet grills are fitted with the temperature controller. Though the Pit Boss grill is not WiFi-enabled, the other one has it. Both come with the direct flame access but the Pit Boss grill provides a larger cooking space.  Pit Boss Lockhart is purchasable under 750 dollars only. However, the Camp Chef Woodwind grills price varies from 600 to 1,000 dollars.

[pros_cons pros_title=”Camp Chef Pros” cons_title=”Camp Chef Cons” pros_text=”

  • Enrich with the slide grill technology.
  • Best customer service and others.
  • Provides a greater smoking experience.
  • Facilitate with the digital controller.

” cons_text=”

  • Expensive.

” /]

Our Recommended Best Camp Chef Grills

[dpress_single_pro pro_image=”169″ pro_title=”Camp Chef PPG20 Pellet Grill” pro_ratings=”4.8/5″ pro_url=”” /]

[pros_cons pros_title=”Pit Boss Pros” cons_title=”Pit Boss Cons” pros_text=”

  • It is popular for providing extra storage space.
  • Always durable and affordable.
  • It includes the pellet view window in any unit.
  • Deals in charcoal and gas grills.

” cons_text=”

  • Not good at the temperature control system.

” /]

Our Recommended Best Pit Boss Grills

[dpress_single_pro pro_image=”112″ pro_title=”Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill” pro_ratings=”4.8/5″ pro_url=”” /]


So, this is all about the Camp Chef vs Pit Boss. I hope you enjoy reading this comparison between Camp Chef and Pit Chef. Both are very similar in many ways. They mainly focus on low to medium range products for the overall domestic market. Camp Chef is perfect for outdoor or backyard. It is equipped with an awesome temperature control system. For a beginner, it is easier than the Pit Boss. But, it is expensive too. Reversely, Pit Boss is affordable pellet grills for precious cooking. It will allow you to smoke, bake, sear, roast, BBQ, and grill. So, we can’t tell surely about buying anyone. The choice will be depending on your needs and choices. Let’s pick the perfect one accordingly!

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