How To Smoke Chicken On A Gas Grill

How To Smoke Chicken On A Gas GrillSmoking chicken is a perfect way for adding new flavors in the food circle. And you will be able to do it perfectly on a Gas Grill. You may think gas grills are only better for making burgers, steaks, and brats.

But a gas grill can be a good option for smoking chicken. So, are you wondering about how to smoke chicken on a gas grill? For you, this post will be very effective.

In this article, we are going to discuss firstly about the process of smoking chicken breast. Then, you are going to know about the entire process. Lastly, we will explain more about the brine preparation.

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How To Smoke Chicken On A Gas Grill:


Smoking chicken breast is not a difficult process. All you require is the chicken, seasoning, and last time. Follow these steps for getting melt and juicy taste of chicken in  your mouth:

Preheat the smoker: Firstly preheat the smoker at 225 degrees F.You have to add any nice flavor or any fruit wood like apple or cherry to the chicken.

Prepare the chicken: If you think to brine the chicken, then remove it from the brine,.Let it dry. Drizzle it with olive oil. Scatter with the housemade chicken seasoning.OR you can save the step by stocking up on the bottle from any store.

Get smoking: You should smoke the chicken for about at least a 1-hour duration. Or until the internal temperature will reach 160 degrees F.

Tent, slice, rest, and serve: In this step, you have to bring out your chicken from the smoker. Then keep it with foil. Let the temperature rise by about 165 degrees. Lastly, slice and serve.

This chicken will taste delicious for sure. And it comes out perfectly juicy which is packed by flavor from the seasoning of the chicken. It will taste more flavorful by adding the homemade BBQ sauce.

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Smoking Chicken On The Gas Grill:

Now we are going to briefly describe the overall process of how to smoke chicken on a gas grill.

A) Whenever you smoke or grill chicken, you should always brine these before. You will be getting an instant result. With following the proper formula, Anybody can make a perfect chicken. You have to keep dropping the chicken into the saltwater solution usually for a long duration of time like 12 hours or so. If you add salt before grilling, it will help to dry the meat out. Brining does three important functions such as:

  • Firstly, the salt partly disintegrates muscle filaments that contract while cooking and makes the meat tough. Well, cooked steak is not tender like the medium-rare steak because of the squeezing of the muscle filaments. But if it is partially dissolved, it can not contract properly. Therefore, salt makes the chicken more tender.
  • Secondly, there is the impact of salt with the proteins of the chicken. It allows the chicken in absorbing and retaining more fluid. The chicken may lose fluids during the cooking process. Therefore, you should add a little bit of water with it. This ends up with a juicy chicken.
  • Thirdly, you can use the saltwater solution for bringing the meat. But you can add flavors with it too. With adding favors, it will draw more moisture.

B) So, you always want to cook the smoked chicken into something more flavorful and tender. So how do you create the brine? Simply, fill one container with salt, water, and favorites. The general rule is to stick to a cup of salt on each gallon of liquid and after that, you can add flavor. You may use some kind of fruits and sugars, some acidic soda, and onion together with garlic. For fruit, you may use lemons, orange, etc types of citric fruits. Even apples, peaches can be used too. For sugars, you can use white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses, etc.  For soda, you can use white or dark sodas. You have to keep in mind that all salts are not the same.  Table salt will give you one kind of taste. Conversely, kosher salt will give you another kind of taste. There are lots of salt brands available on the market. You can buy these accordingly

So, these are some tricks you have to follow while smoking the chicken on a gas grill.

Preparation Of The Brine For A

Smoked Chicken Breast:

Preparing the brine for a smoked chicken breast is entirely optional. Personally, you may not brine the chicken breast if you prefer to like the texture and taste of the chicken. So, chicken is placed instantly on the smoker togetherly with minimal preparation.

But if you want to brine, then this portion of the discussion is only for you. For the brine, you have to put the chickens into a cooler. So you need entirely a lot of water for submerging all the chickens. The estimation of the water would be approximately 3 gallons.

At the moment of brining, the sugar and salt are changing the cell structure of the chicken. Therefore, the cell walls are retaining more liquid at the time of the cooking process.

Here are the steps and processes of brining:

Prepare the brain: In the medium jar, mix four cups of water with three tablespoons of Kosher salt and add one tablespoon of sugar. Bring it to the boil on a moderate heat. Then allow the sugar and salt to dissolve. And bring out this brine from heat. Finally, allow it to cool down properly.

Brine the chicken: Completely submerge the chicken into the brine. Allow the chicken to brine for about 4 hours duration. Remove this rapidly.

Once the chicken has brined, let it dry. Then prepare it for serving.

To Conclude

So, this is all about how to smoke chicken on a gas grill. I hope this was a helpful article for you to understand the process of smoking chicken on the gas grill. Moreover, by utilizing these steps and procedures, you are going to get the best smoky grill chicken. Let’s enjoy the meal!

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