How To Put Out A Charcoal Grill

How To Put Out A Charcoal GrillCharcoal grilling is an art of cooking. But how can you deal with the charcoal coals and embers after finishing the party? From managing the vent to disposal of briquet ash, you have to do it all. So, here we will discuss how to put out a charcoal grill safely and quickly.

Charcoal grilling is one of the most popular types of barbecue cooking. Providing the food with beautiful flavors and aromas, this grill needs to clean up after every use. This is not only about cleaning the potential clutter and debris. But, the process of dousing the whole thing. This is trickier, messier, and dangerous than it seems. It’s necessary to put the charcoal grill out as early as possible after using the grill. It will help to save fuel and also help to prevent any danger of burning anything. Charcoal grills will be easily put out by closing the vents and lids on the grill. This will cut off all the oxygen supply to the coals. Then, it will take about 48 hours for the coals to cool down fully. But this process of keeping it at rest is safer than using water for extinguishing it.

What do you require to put out the charcoal grill?

put out a charcoal grill

You will require some skill for extinguishing the burning charcoal. To do it properly, you’ll require some tools at the disposal. We will figure out the process of how to put out a charcoal grill later on in this post.

Step 1: Shut down the grill

Begin the process by putting on the heat resistant oven mitts. Ensure about their heat resistance to prevent the extreme temperatures affecting you. From the grill, remove the rack and close the lid slowly. If the grill has any openings, then be sure to close it. This will assure that all ways of oxygen getting into the chamber is concealed. It will prevent the additional airflow from fueling the fire. A long time is taken by coals to cool down. And you can not be sure whether they are burning or not. Therefore, you should leave the grill for about 48 hours, while making all openings closed. Although, it may not require this long time to blow out. But, you have to be absolutely certain about it.

Step 2: Remove briquettes and ashes

After passing the 48 hours, the grill has cooled down completely. Now you should remove the burned-out ashes and briquettes. Ash removal buckets can be used for scooping up the ashes. Tip them into a large aluminum foil sheet before disposing of them. Carefully wrap up the sheet and dispose of it into a metal trash carrier or can. Any indication of ashes will put the plastic at the tendency of melting or burning. Therefore, avoid using a plastic garbage bin or can.

During transferring the covered up aluminum, you should hold them by using the grippers. To carry them from the grill to the bin. Because briquettes may seem to be cold. But it’s not always safe. You should reduce any kind of risk of hurting or burning you.

Besides, instead of waiting all the time for it to cool down, you can remove them properly by using a long-handled gripper. While doing it, you have to use different metallic containers for accommodating the briquettes and the ash. This is an important precautionary measurement.

If the coals are remaining hot, they will continue to burn in that metallic container. Therefore, it will produce more ashes. The best replacement in this case is removing them individually and submerging with the bucket of water.

Step 3: Avoid water

Any type of use of water into the charcoal grill can become risky. So, we recommend against spraying water straight into the BBQ, whenever it begins to show any indication of heat.

You should wait until it has properly cooled down. Even, it takes 48 hours, you should wait patiently. Coals will burn at extreme temperatures. Besides, dousing with the water will lead to cracks in the grill. Another problem that can create for pouring water straightly into coals is that this can create rough levels of steam. And it will emit hot ash, moreover causing crude burns.

Step 4: Clean out the grill

You can use any metallic grill spatula to clean the grill. Even, a towel can be used to sweep off the ashes from your grill. You should follow a proper clean-up of the chamber of the grill. Notice all openings carefully because from here some of the ashes can enter. This may be able to create an obstruction for the upcoming grill-off.

You should use the wire brush at

the lower parts of your grill, and particularly on the grates. After a while, clean the grates by using water and soap. It’s vital to lubricate these components with the use of the silicone spray. This spray will act as a nice anti-rusting agent. Therefore, it will improve the lifespan of the grill.

Step 5: Return remaining briquettes

When they cool down properly, keep the cold briquettes back into the bottom half of the grill. So, next time you can use them. You should surely use the tongs or grippers.

How can you put out charcoal for reuse?

You will find lots of charcoal is remaining after grilling. You should use these to cut down any waste. Easily, this charcoal can be used again.

For doing this, prepare any large jar of water. Then remove these charcoal from your grill. Then submerge every piece into the water for ensuring the extinguishment. Keep every charcoal to submerge in the water for 30- 60 seconds. After that, remove it and transfer it to any non-flammable surface for allowing it to dry.

Once they will dry, you can store them in any fireproof container. Then reuse these for the next cook-off.

Is there any faster method to cool down a charcoal grill?

Actually, not. Some people may spray or pour water into the coals for cooling down rapidly. But this is very risky. Because the rapid temperature imbalance can risk cracking the porcelain and BBQ chamber of the grill.Although it’s tedious to wait for 48 hours to cool down completely. But it’s the safest way for you and the grill.


So, this is all about the discussion of how to put out a charcoal grill safely and quickly. We hope you will be benefited after following these outlined processes. The charcoal grill serves the best delicious food. Therefore, it is also important to take care of this. Then you will be able to use it perfectly whenever you need it!

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