Best Smoker Grill Combos 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Smoker Grill ComboWhen it comes to a backyard barbecue, grilling and smoking are both classic choices. Any barbecue lover would love to have a separated dedicated grill and smoker for each task. However, not everybody has the money or space for two separate units. But that is nothing to worry about when you can get the best smoker grill combo.

The best grill smoker combo will give you the best of both worlds. Plus, it gives you flexibility and versatility in your cooking style.

And to help you find your ideal smoker grill combo, we have listed 6 of the best smoker grill combos and provided a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Best Overall – Camp Chef PG14

[dpressall_product product_image=”684″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Best Overall” features_text=”Our top choice, the Camp Chef PG14 is the best overall choice with its excellent features, such as the Smart Smoke Technology, patented ash cleanout, 11.5 x 16 in searing area, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.” /]

At A Glance Smoker Grill Combo

Top 5 Best Smoker Grill Combo Reviews 2023

1. Camp Chef PG14 Pellet Grill & Smoker

[dpressall_product product_image=”684″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • WIFI and Bluetooth PID controller
  • 160 F to 500 F temperature range
  • Camp Chef Connect
  • Expanded Chamber
  • Slide and Grill technology
  • 760 square inch area

” /]

Our top choice, the Camp Chef Woodwind PG14 is an excellent choice. It doesn’t only look great, it is packed with features too.

This smoker offers a great temperature range and sports great features in terms of automation. You can set it and forget, and still get great results every time. The auto-feed auger keeps everything at the proper temperature range to provide nicely smoked food. The WIFI and Bluetooth PID controller maintains cooking temperature automatically.

This smoker has the looks of a modern breed of barbeques but has the shape of a more traditional smoker. The build of this smoker has a lot of stainless steel, and transporting is also easy with the Woodwind as it features a very decent set of castors underneath it.

This combo offers a large cooking area of around 760 square inches, which will help you cook for many guests at once. And after you are done feeding everyone, cleaning and maintaining it is also easy with the patented ash clean out system.

The sear box of this excellent smoker can reach an impressive 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, it is a great unit that can make your outdoor cooking a pleasure. This smoker is a combination of great looks and features. There not much of a chance of going far wrong with this model.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Large cooking area
  • Auto-feed
  • Brilliant controls
  • Easy ash removal
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

” cons_text=”

  • Quality control might not be great

” /]

2. Z Grills ZPG-7002B Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

[dpressall_product product_image=”689″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • Advanced Wood Fire Technology
  • Huge Grilling Area and Hopper Capacity
  • Consistent and Precisely
  • Super versatile and wide temperature
  • 700 square inch area

” /]

Overall, Z Griils ZPG-7002B is one of the best grills on the market, and when it comes with a smoker, things get more interesting. You get a very nice space of 700 square inches that includes a 513 square inch of the main rack as well as 187 inches of warming rack. This grill can hold up to 6 racks of ribs or 5 whole chicken, or 20 burgers at once.

The capacity of the hopper is great and can hold up to 20 lbs of pellets at a time, which, depending on how hot you are running it, can maybe give you 20 hours of smoking time.

This versatile grill is capable of cooking pretty much anything. You can grill, smoke, roast, braise, bake and barbecue anything with this grill. The smoker comes with a digital controller to make it very easy to use. You can set it at any temperature between 180- and 450-degrees Fahrenheit.

It will also automatically adjust the temperature to be within 20 degrees of the chosen temperature at all times. This device also comes with 3 years of warranty. As a grill and smoker combo, this is an all-rounder choice.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Large grilling area size
  • Digitally controlled temperature
  • Great hopper capacity
  • High-quality construction
  • Good design

” cons_text=”

  • The caster wheels are tiny and flimsy

” /]

3. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

[dpressall_product product_image=”686″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • Firebox Warming Area
  • Reverse Flow or Traditional Offset Smoking
  • Pre-Installed Baffle Plates
  • Large Charcoal Basket
  • 900 total Square inch cooking surface

” /]

This grill smoker combo can become great from good if you can make some modifications straight out of the box. After you are done modifying it, this device will probably become as good as the ones that cost double or more what it costs. So, your efforts will be well-worth considering you are good with your hands.

There is nothing fancy about this unit. To achieve even temperature as well as great results, it relies on careful monitoring of the charcoal basket. This will be great for a hardcore barbecue enthusiast. The modifications you can do is seal the gaps here and there to make it smoke tight and get a better thermostat. After you are done, this thing should serve you well.

When it comes to the looks, this combo appears like an old-school offset smoker. Regardless, it offers a massive 900 square inches of cooking space. The Oklahoma Joe also allows you to move the baffle, which means you can set it up as a straight through the smoker.

It also offers reverse flow for even heat and smoke. The cool touch handle makes your cooking convenient. Although you might have to spend some money modifying it, this combo is a great option for old-school lovers.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Effective and simple
  • Huge cooking space
  • Nice old-school looks
  • Heavy and sturdy

” cons_text=”

  • Some modifications are required

” /]

4. PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill

[dpressall_product product_image=”687″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • Win Every Meal
  • Innovative Flame Broiler
  • Fueled by 100% natural wood pellets
  • Digitally controlled burn system
  • 700 square inch area

” /]

The Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill offers a decent 700 square inches of cooking area. This semi-traditional looking smoker grill combo will be a great addition to any yard.

This unit comes with a good range of controls as well as features that make operating it carefree and easy. So that you don’t have to look at the BBQ all day, instead you can spend more time with your guests.

The auto feed makes your work easier. And you also get a hopper with a decent size where you can keep adequate pellets to do any smoking job without having to refill. The flame broiler allows complete control for direct flame grilling. This is an excellent smoker that will suit everyone from quite a smoker to a hardcore smoker.

The digitally controlled burn system makes cooking easy with this unit. There is also a handy rack at the bottom where you can store pots, pans, extra grates, and trays. It has sturdy wheels, so moving this grill smoker combo should be fairly easy. The Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill is a reasonably priced smoker grill combo with traditional looks, and it also features great controls and automation. It is a far better option than many others in the market.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Simple and automated
  • Auto-feed
  • Flame broiler
  • Traditional looks

” cons_text=”

  • Short warranty

” /]

5. Char-Griller 5030 Gas & Charcoal Grill

[dpressall_product product_image=”685″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • Easy dump ash pan
  • 24000 BTU
  • Side fire box Compatible
  • Adjustable grate Height
  • 870 square inches inch

” /]

This heavy-duty grill and smoker offer two distinct grilling areas, which you can use as both charcoal and propane or natural gas grill.

The grilling area is pretty huge, which is 870 square inches in total. There are two primary cooking areas, and each of them gives you 303 square inches of grilling space, so you are getting 606 square inches of primary cooking area. There are also warming racks of 132 square inches on per side. It can deliver 24,000 BTU’s of heat, which is enough to cook anything you want at any temperature you want.

You can set each burner to a different temperature, allowing you to cook different meals that require different temperatures. And to help you control the temperature, both sides come with a temperature gauge on the lid. Adjustable grate height also makes your cooking more convenient.

Heavy-duty steel with a powder coating finish is used to make this unit. It also has thick legs and wheels, which gives you a very sturdy and solid stance and hard to shake frame. Cleaning it is also easy with an easy dump ash pan.

Overall, this is an excellent grill and one of the best gas grill smoker combo. Although it lacks some features, such as digital temperature controls, it is a minor drawback considering its price.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Two cooking space
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great temperature
  • Temperature gauge
  • Easy to clean

” cons_text=”

  • It does not include much features

” /]

6. Z GRILLS ZPG-6002B Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

[dpressall_product product_image=”689″ pro_affiliate_url=”″ feature_title=”Key Features” features_text=”

  • Advanced Wood Fire Technology
  • Huge Grilling Area
  • Consistent & Precisely
  • Temperature can goes as high as 1000℉
  • 600 square inch area

” /]

This is a well-made unit and has quality materials used to produce a great BBQ smoker set up. It has everything you need for control, and it can provide excellent results if smoking is your thing. It also allows you to leave it running and go and do other chores. It is possible because this unit is equipped with Wi-Fi technology. So, all you have to do is download an app to control this grill from anywhere.

There are two individual heat probes included with the package that gives you the ability to do two different smoke jobs at once while comfortably sitting in the chair.

You get around 600 square inches of cooking area that includes 333 Square inches of primary grilling area and 240 square inches of warming rack. The foldable working shelf helps you do the prep near the cooking space. And to make this unit portable, it has two heavy-duty all-terrain wheels.

The Z GRILLS ZPG-6002B maintains the heat within 10 degrees of the set temperature, and the temperature that you can set ranges from 180ºf to 450ºf. Starting it is also easy with the one button electronic auto start ignition. The LED temperature readout lets you know the temperature inside and makes cooking easy even for beginners.

The stainless-steel construction with a sleek and polished finish is resistant to corrosion, which means it will last for a long time. And to back you up, the manufacturer provides 3 years of warranty.

This grill has so much to offer, and it is a great option for a grill smoker combo.

[dpressall_pros_cons pros_text=”

  • Easy control
  • Automated
  • Remote control app
  • LED temperature readout

” cons_text=”

  • Expensive

” /]

Advantages of Having A Grill And Smoker Combo

It is really great having both grill and smoker in only one thing. It helps you produce quality cooking for family and guests. You can smoke meat with a smoker and grill with a griller. However, it is a bit tricky process, and it is always better to have the proper equipment that is specialized for each task. And having all that capability within a single unit makes things economical as well as easier. Having separate items for smoking and grilling means you need to separately prep and maintain each process, and this will also consume more fuel.

When you are having a get-together, you want to enjoy your cooking as well as spend time with your guests. You don’t want things to be complex, and you surely don’t want a lot of appliances cluttering up your space. That is why a combo would be a great choice. It can help you cook in various ways, and you don’t have to run a lot of different units.

Smoker Grill Combo Buying Guide

When you are purchasing something to cook your food on, you want it to be of great quality. Smoking food demands a high-quality build. In terms of the food cooking quality and consistency, the difference between a well-built smoker and a poorly built one is huge. Models that are of excellent quality also take less effort to cook and maintain, and that will make the entire experience more satisfying and give you more time to do other chores while your food cooks deliciously.

Type And Power Source

When it comes to smoker types, there are vertical or barrel smoker. You can also find a 2-in-1 type or a grill-combo that is called offset.

The fuel types are charcoal, wood pellets, propane gas, or electricity. Charcoal is the most liked fuel type as it imparts an added element of flavor that even the best electric smoker grill combo or best gas smoker grill combo can’t. Wood pellets can also bring that flavor.

Temperature Range

225 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit is where you will do most of your smoking. Cooking poultry, such as large turkeys, will require 400°F. You will need to choose something with even higher temperature capabilities if you are going to cook steaks.

Cooking Area

When considering the cooking area of a grill smoker combo, the choice should depend on how many mouths you are going to cook for. While you shouldn’t overbuy regarding the cooking area, you shouldn’t also go for less room than what is enough. You should also remember that you are going to need enough space to cook massive racks of ribs or big turkeys easily. Know your habits and be realistic and sensible in your choice. You are less likely to go wrong.


For the grill smoker combo, hinges are a vital part of the hardware. Consider their quality carefully, because if a lid or door falls off, the whole thing will lose its quality.

Handles and other parts are also pretty important, and their quality also indicates the overall quality of the unit. They are needed for everyday use, so their robustness is required, and you should pick your unit carefully.

It is also vital to cautiously choose the quality and thickness of the main build material. Thinner materials won’t be able to do as good of a job as something that will soak up and retain heat and then evenly distribute it around the entire smoking chamber. It is an essential aspect to consider.

Number And Quality of Grates

More grates mean more scope for cooking and smoking more meats. It is a great advantage to have the ability to fit more grates in your appliance. Materials and construction of the grates are also important. If they are too bendy and flimsy, then it’s not good and won’t last for a long time in a harsh environment. You should also look for whether the grates are stainless steel or chrome.

Dimensions And Weight

It is very important for your convenience to choose a grill-smoker combo that can fit in the space you have and also offers enough clearance space to allow you to operate both comfortably and safely. If you have a small yard or outdoor area, don’t purchase anything that you won’t be able to fit there.

In terms of weight, a heavier smoker indicates good construction because they are made of heavier gauge steel, which is a great thing for getting brilliant cooking results. However, if your model weighs a lot, you should make sure that you are never going to move it or that it comes with wheels.

Ease of Use

A grill-smoker combo that has more gadgets and controls would be a bit difficult to master. However, more sensors and features will also give you better control and experience. Pay attention to the controls and only go for as complicated as you can handle. More features are also likely to cost you more. For instance, a model that includes temperature controls will cost you more.


Get a unit with a decent warranty and future proof your purchase. This will save you a lot of money in the long run, because things can sometimes break or fail. A good warranty also hints of quality and tells you that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in their product.


Grill smoker combos are excellent appliances and can perform a lot of various tasks. While there are budget options, getting an expensive one will help you get better results. The price will dictate what kind of model with what features you will be able to get. However, this all depends on your budget and what you are willing to pay for this appliance.


Question: Can I use a simple grill as a smoker?

Answer: Yes, you can, if the lid is airtight. It takes more effort, and you will have to use a side of the compartment to generate the heat. And to keep it all working well, use a tray of water often. Then you can get a good result by keeping the food on the opposite side of the setup and get enough distance from the heat source.

Question: What is BTU, and do they influence the grill/smoker performance?

Answer: BTU means the standard measure of the time it takes to heat a cooking appliance a predetermined amount of a particular thing. If your smoker is faster and more efficient at this, then it will get up to temperature faster.


The best smoker grill combo is a two in one appliance that can help you achieve delicious foods and serve and make your guests happy. Having a smoker grill combo is as same as having a separate smoker and grill. They also make your cooking easy and more efficient. And with our listed models and the buying guide, you should be able to easily find the ideal unit for yourself.

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