How Does An Infrared Grill Work?

How Does An Infrared Grill WorkInfrared grill is one of the recent trends for the outdoor cooking lovers. It utilizes infrared energy to cook the food. This specific energy is emitted thoroughly into your food. Hence, leading to reduced cooking times by reaching high temperatures easily. You also need less time for preheating the grill.

However, infrared grilling is a new system. Besides, many users don’t know how to use it properly. This confusion may lead to undercook or even burn the meats. Therefore, first and foremost, you should get to the bottom of, “How Does An Infrared Grill Work?”. Today, we will dig deeper into the infrared grills. We hope this post will help you to understand this technology properly. Let’s have a great reading!

What Is An Infrared Grill?

Infrared grills utilize infrared technology for radiating intense heat throughout the food we cook. To properly understand how this technology works, we have to learn that there are mainly three basic ways for cooking the food. They are conduction, radiation and convection.

Conduction involves transferring the direct heat from a surface to another. Whenever you fry sausage or eggs in the frying pan, it uses conduction. The stove’s burner is heating the pan. And, the hot surface of the pan is making contact with any food. So, it is a common usable way of cooking.

Whereas, convection is using the flow of hot water or air for cooking the food. We use the convection method at the time of boiling pasta in the water. Or roasting a turkey in the oven is also a conventional process. Traditionally, gas grill uses this method for creating the proper flow of warm air around your food.

However, the radiation method is utilizing a type of electromagnetic energy for sending heat throughout the food. Infrared grills roll a burner between the cooking area and traditional gas burners. The gas burners are heating the infrared burner. Then, the burner is sending direct intense heat to any food lying on the surface of the grill.

Infrared Burner Systems: Types


The most available pattern of infrared burner grill is featuring a ceramic area. It mounts on the upper surface of an infrared burner system.

Radiant Glass Chambers

Radiant glass chamber is the latest infrared technology for grilling. It is featuring a cooking grid which is built above the radiant glass surface.

Heat Emitter

Heat emitter process features a burner built from a tube. This tube is made of stainless steel positioning with a heat emitter chamber above the burner.

Infrared Grills: Advantages of Cooking

Infrared grill heats up more quickly as well as cooks your meat evenly. Here are few advantages of cooking by infrared grills:

  • Faster Cooking Time.
  • Top Food Quality.
  • Using Less Fuel.
  • Easy Maintenance and cleaning.

How Does An Infrared Grill Work?

So, you are wondering about how an infrared grill works? Now, we will discuss this point. Let’s find an answer to the science of infrared grill.

As the name indicates, infrared grills are using infrared energy for lighting a flame. Normally, infrared heat is existing in any moving body of physical form. It means this will be triggered in a few ways. To give an example, you always feel the infrared heat whenever you are walking barefooted on any sunny day. So, infrared heat is available to some extent like the grilling device. Also above from charcoal or propane type of gas grills.

An infrared grill initiates working while the temperature is rising. Then, the appliance is emitting an intense form of infrared heat. To attain desirable temperatures which can make grilling crispy steaks, the appliance has to gain the peak temperatures up to 900° Fahrenheit.

Strangely, it can be accomplished within 3 minutes only. Infrared grills are slightly similar to the ordinary gas-powered kind of grill. The only exception is their particular type of grates.

Besides, this can transform directly the heat through the infrared heat. As we discussed, the lower portion of the grates can reach almost 900 degrees. Apart from this, the grill’s upper end is receiving almost 500 degrees. The heat which reaches the bottom of the grates is generally high-velocity type of energy. Therefore, the grates need to slow down abruptly. In where the energy gets harnessed with the meat. This technique can preserve almost about 35% of the moisture in meat, vegetables and fish.

Moreover, the heat portion crossing over the loft of the grates is mainly infrared, slower yet very intense. Presumably, the grease can fall off the grilling meat into the grates. And, it will not catch flames. Rather, it will vaporize into the sprayer. And, if you can cover the grill, the steak or burger gets the smoky flavour. That’s why any steak sizzles thrillingly over the grates. Plus they get seared while not charred. At the finish of the cooking the grill, you will get delectable but juicy meat. This won’t lose any moisture. By the process, an infrared grill is working and allows you to grab a delicious grill!


So, this is all about “How Does An Infrared Grill Work?”. We hope this post will help you in better understanding of the topic. Infrared grills use the energy for cooking the food rapidly with high temperatures.

Most amazingly, the meat retains juicy flavour. But, infrared grills require some adjusting at the time of cooking. Additionally, they are slightly heavy and more expensive. However, it is possible to install the infrared heating components to convert any gas grill into the infrared grill. For this, you require to check with the manufacturer for getting advice about the safety.

Happy Grilling with Infrared Technology!

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