How To Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane?

How To Convert Natural Gas Grill To PropaneBarbeque grills are loved by all of us. Some utilize charcoal for making grills, while others utilize natural gas. But,  propane gas provides some advantages rather than natural gas. This propane canister will make the grill more portable. Besides, propane is available to purchase from any gas stations and stores. Converting the natural gas grill to a propane gas grill is possible at home. Although, proper caution must be taken. In today’s post, we will discuss with you how to convert a natural gas grill to propane. While talking about some simple techniques, we will cover other important points. Let’s look over the entire article!

Generally, gas grills are available in two basic kinds of fuel, natural gas, and propane. But currently, a propane grill is more popular in comparison with natural gas. As we mentioned earlier, propane gas grills are usually available at most of the hardware stores, especially propane dealers. Even you can purchase it at any convenience store or gas station. On the other hand, natural gas grills are always connected with the natural gas system. The gas is usually provided by the municipal government or utility company. Both versions of the gas grills have their advantages and drawbacks. But, a propane model might be taken anywhere virtually. You need to refill the tank. Whereas, the natural gas grill has not any tank to refill. Plus, this gas is not available everywhere. Natural gas will not provide much energy like propane gas. The outlined drawbacks are the basic reason why you want to convert the natural gas grill into propane. As a grill owner, you may have the natural gas grill but you want to move it to the area where the natural gas is not available. Or, you may want a propane grill. You will find more advantages of propane gas grill over the natural gas grill. For you, today we are here to figure out how to convert a natural gas grill to propane. But before this, let’s have a deep look into the comparison of propane grill over the gas grill.

Natural Gas Grill Drawbacks:

Although natural gas is one of the most convenient kinds of barbecue fuel, it has some drawbacks. First of all, it is difficult to install. If you have a natural gas line in your area, you don’t have to worry about the supply. But the installation is very costly. And if you don’t install it, you’ll need to install a proper natural gas line.  Besides, if you live in areas without the natural gas service, you don’t have any option.

The initial costs will be prohibitive to buy the actual grill and install the gas line. Typically, natural gas designs are more expensive. To install the natural gas line, you’ll need to follow the local restrictions and laws. You will require permission for completing the installation. And the gas authority must need to be informed that you are turning the gas supply in your home. A licensed plumber is required to hire for installing new valves or pipes.

As natural gas grills are attached to the natural gas line, they are fixed always. You can’t change the position if you want to barbecue in different locations. Additionally, it won’t burn hot like the propane.

Benefits Of Using Propane Gas Grill:


The greatest benefit of propane is mobility. The power source needed to initiate the grill is a propane tank. You can bring the tanks anywhere. Therefore, you can easily shift the grill around anywhere in the entire backyard or somewhere else. You can buy small gas tanks which are available in any store. These small tanks work perfectly whenever you need to travel out of the home. They are very lightweight too. Moreover, portable gas grills run on the propane from convenient, small, and lightweight tanks. It is a nice option for people who love to spend time in the camping grounds or anywhere out of the home where they can cook anything on a grill.

Fuel Efficiency:

Many of us prefer propane for some good reasons. Fuel efficiency is one of them. Propane provides more energy rather than natural gas. Propane contains approximately 2,500 BTUs per cubic feet. On the other hand, natural gas contains 1,000 BTUs.Propane will provide you with sufficient heat for cooking your favourite dishes. For these reasons, people consider propane is good for the barbecue experience.

Converting Natural Gas To Propane:

Now we will focus on the main point of this point. To convert the natural gas to the propane gas grills, you need to follow these simple instructions cautiously:

Step 1:

Check if your natural gas grill might be converted to propane use. This certain information is usually found in the owner’s manual or instruction which came with your grill while it was bought. If you are not sure, contact the manufacturer. They should also provide you the conversion kit which is needed for completing the transformation.

Step 2:

In this step, you have to shut off the supply of natural gas to the BBQ. After that, disconnect that gas line. Then, remove any side or front panels for having direct access to the inside BBQ parts.

Step 3:

Remove any regulators, gas valves, or orifices marked for the natural gas use. Replace them with the new components compatible for using with the propane. Ensure about all the fittings tightness. Never replace the panels.

Step 4:

Check for any gas leakage around the connections. Then prepare a new solution which is made of soap water with mixing the dish soap into water. Turn the gas supply on, but do not turn the burners. Pour a little amount of soap water into the connections. The presence of any bubbles is an indication of any leakage. If so, turn the gas off and tighten the entire connection.


So, this is all about how to convert a natural gas grill to propane. We hope this post will help you to figure out the process as well as other information regarding it. You should always remember, converting the grill is void of the warranty of the unit. Besides, it may create an unsafe situation. Therefore, proper safety considerations should be taken. Converting the gas grill to propane is a simple task but you should be very careful with the process. Then you can explore with the taste of the grill. Have a nice grilling!

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